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This agreement consist of (4) pages:Deposit Requirements, Buyers Agreement, questionnaire and health guarantee. My deposit check is my signature and agreement that I have read I and understand the contract. I am applying for the purchase of one AKC Doberman Pinscher pup. Request are filled in order that deposits are received in our office.* No deposit is accepted without completing a puppy questionnaire and phone interview for approval.

Buyer agrees to keep in touch with Suzan Shipp and advise her if any health issues should arise thourhout the lifetime of the puppy. They agree to maintain the puppy in good condition and reasonalbe care and veteraniarns checks. No puppy shall be tied or chained outside for any extended perior of time. Please contact Suzan Shipp at any time you have questions or concerns. Upon making a deposit buyer is entitled to one pup based on the following specificaitons: (List first & second preference)
Color preference: 1. ______________ 2. _______________
Sex:         Male         Female      (Circle your choice)

All our puppies ears are done before leaving by our vet.
Purchase Price:         $2350.00         Deposit $450.00
Full Registration for show prospects       $2950.00
(first consideration goes to show/obedience prospects) MAKE ALL CHECKS OUT TO SUZAN SHIPP
Total for pup: due when notified you are receiving puppy (2 weeks) $________________ Minus deposit = Balance due $________

Litigation: will be in home county, State Suzan Shipp resides in at time of litigation. In the event that J Bar S/Suzan Shipp is found not liable, Buyer will pay all court cost & attorney fees for J Bar S and or Jerry & Suzan Shipp. Liability is limited to replacement pup only. No refund will exceed original purchase price of said puppy.

I have read and agree to the J Bar S Purchase agreement. By signing below or submitting deposit, I agree to abide by the contract in its entirity.

PLEASE include your complete address, e mail, phone numbers (home and cell)

Buyer________________________________ __________________________________________ Sign name above then print name clearly Print

________________________________________________    Date________
J Bar S Doberman's

All dogs must carry our kennel prefix (EchoRun)or guarantee is void. Any puppy not picked up as agreed is returned to breeder - no refund applies.

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