J Bar S Doberman's

Warrensburg, MO 64093
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BUYER'S AGREEMENT       Date______________

    1. Agrees to provide loving caring home & proper vet care at all times. (Puppy is to be taken to vet within 48 hours of receiving puppy). All vet bills are at the new owners expense.
    2. AKC papers are to be properly filed by time puppy is 8 months.
    3. Has adequate safe fenced yard for puppy.
    4. Understands that a Doberman is an inside pet and agrees puppy will be kept inside.
    5. Agrees to provide adequate exercise and obedience training for puppy.
    6. No Jbars Dobie is to be kenneled, tied or tethered to a rope or chain outside.*
    7. Proper basic obedience is a MUST. Basic obedience classes required for 1st time owners.
    a. Crate puppy when not directly supervising.
    b. Teach puppy to quietly remain tied to a door jam in your presence.*
    c. Basic heeling w/o pulling on lead.
    d. Proper socialization and interaction with others.
    e. A good Stay and come.
    8. It is agreed that all pet puppies will be on limited registration - No breeding contract.
    9. EARS: Ears are to be properly maintined until they stand. Pups will be released at 9 weeks.
    10. Boarding fee will apply if puppy must be kept longer than original projected delivery d,ate.
    11. Agrees to feed quality dog food(NO BLUE BUFFALO EVER)
    12. Buyer agrees to return said puppy with all AKC papers and health certificate at their expense to breeder if for any reason they cannot maintain and return all health records and registrations papers properly signed. By surrendering the puppy as per the contract, Buyers is agreeing that the registration papers are to be reassigned to Suzan Shipp.
    13. Buyer is subject to a $4,500.00 fine if any J Bar S Doberman is sold/transfered to a third party, turned into a pound, neglected or abused in anyway.
    14. J Bar S/Suzan Shipp and /or it agent has the right to inspect dog and premises at anytime without prior notice and to recover such dog as deemed necessary due to any breech of contract.
    15. Buyers will be responsible for any and all cost involved in recovery/rehabilitation and placement of said pet.
    16. All dogs must carry our kennel prefix (EchoRun)
    17. I understand that J Bar S Doberman's/Suzan Shipp will make all puppy placement assignments
    Buyer agrees to notify Suzan Shipp of any and all changes of address, e mail and to update at least annual on development of puppy and to notify same of any health issues.

I have read all four (4) pages: Health Guarantee, Deposit Requirements and Buyers Agreement and answered the questionaire. I understand the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Health Guarantee
Obedience Agreement