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Obedience Agreement

This agreement is for the purchase of one AKC Doberman Pinscher pup for showing in obedience or agility competition.

    1. Purchase price of obedience/agility pup is the pet puppy price with spay/neuter agreement - for full registration see Deposit Agreement.
    2. Buyer agrees to train and show pup to a minumium CGC certification and CD title.
    3. Buyer agrees to keep J Bar S/Suzan Shipp updated on all training and title work     as completed.
    3. Buyer is responsible for all training and showing cost.
    4. Buyer agrees to inform J Bar S/Suzan Shipp or any change in address, phone # and e mail changes.
    5. Any dog with full registration must adhere to the following:
    a. Buyer agrees to OFA certify hips at 2 yrs.,
    b. DNA test for Von Willebrands If not clear by parentage and
    c. Have thyroid checked annually or before any breeding.
    6. Buyer agrees that no dog shall be bred by/or to this dog
    a. that has any disqualifying faults,
    b. any dog that is owned, co-owned or leased from an Albino (white) Doberman
    c. or to any dog with a Z factored registration number or pedigree.
    7. Failure to abide by these above show/breeding qualifications will result in a fine and/or recovery of dog as described in the Buyers' Agreement.

This is part of a contract consisting of 5 pages: Deposit agreement, Health Guarantee, Buyers Agreement, Questionaire and Obedience Agreement. signature of Deposit info constitutes agreement to all 5 pages.

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