J Bar S Doberman's

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J Bar S guarantees that our Doberman puppies are current on shots, worming & have been vet checked at time of departure and all appearances to be healthy. The parents have been health tested for relevant conditions that have a reliable test for long term predictability as well as through the Doberman Diversity project. All puppies will also come with full testing of all DNA genetict testing included in the Doberman Diversity project. We stand behind our families and our Dobermans. Should the need arise for any reason we always take our babies back and should it be due to a genetic defect we will replace said puppy with copies of the vet diagnosis.

Puppies require a commitment for the life of the dog. We will always accept one of our dogs back for any reason. We do not make unenforceable "guarantees" on our dogs. They are living breathing animals and many things can affect overall health. We test to make sure all dogs are healthy at time of breeding and that puppies are healthy when they go to their families. You can not guarantee against the unknown.

These are living creatures and there are no absolutes. Each circumstance is different and must be handled individually. We feel that purchasing a dog from us is a two way street. Please communicate with us. We hare here to help. We want you to have the puppy of your dreams. ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE: Against Distemper, Hepatitis, or congential defects within the first year of its life (proof of completion of all puppy shots required), notify us immediately, return the registrations papers along with a written veterinary statement stating the nature of demise, proof of shots and we will gladly replace the dog with another at no charge. (Shipping charges apply).

2 YEAR GUARANTEE AGAINST DYSPLASIA If at anytime during the first two years our puppy is found to be crippled from dysplasia, return dog to us, vet certification required, along with AKC certificate and we will replace the dog as stated above.

Limitation of Guarantee:
The guarantee applies to the original puppy only & is non-transferable. No replacement will be given if the registration application form has expired Owner is responsible for transportation cost to & from the kennel.

Litigation: will be in Johnson County, Missouri. In the event that J Bar S is found not liable, Buyer will pay all court cost & attorney fees for J Bar S and or Jerry & Suzan Shipp. Liability is limited to replacement pup. No refund will exceed original purchase price of said puppy.

Buyers Agreement