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J Bar S Dobermans

Located in the rolling hills of Missouri

Our Dobermans are Vwd clear and DNA profile on record with AKC. They are bred to work and show. Much more than just a pretty face.

    Excellent article on Doberman history and health -

    1. What should I expect to pay for a Puppy? This can be a loaded question for sure. My feelings are that any breeding pair that are untitled themselves should run $750 to $800 max and this is providing that the breeder cares enough to have done minimum Vwd testing, thyroid, OFA and does the ears. If the breeders dogs themselves are titled and health tested then $2500 to $3000 is a reasonable range for a pet. Show puppies can run more.

    2. a. How can I tell the difference in a backyard breeder and a good breeder? A backyard breeder does not show or train their dogs and usually does no health testing. $200.00 would be reasonable for one of these puppies and you can usually find them in the newspaper. A good breeder will train, show, work and health test their own dogs. A good pedigree is essential to a good dog because they will know a more complete history of dogs behind their breeding as well as any potential health issues. A breeder should know the standard and should present their dogs in the best light. If they can't even stack the dog to look its best in a picture for their web site, how much time, knowledge or care do you think they really have???
    b. Breeding multiple breeds- ask them why? I do know a few good breeders that breed more than one breed but they also show and train.

    3. A reputable breeder will only place a puppy with a written contract that spells out exactly what will transpire. Unless you plan to show you should expect pet registration. Beward the breeder who is not discriminate about the puppies they place. Get it in writing!

    4. What is Vwd? Von Wildebrands disease is a bleeding disorder. It is identified through a DNA test so is absolute. Ratings are - Clear (does not carry the mutation; Carrier carries one gene and can pass on the mutated gene; Affected - carries 2 mutated genes receiving one from each parent and is affected by the possibility of a compromised bleeding problem and/or immune system.

    5. What about cardio? This is much harder as there is not a genetic DNA marker for this insidious disease. The current testing we have to day is far lacking as it can only tell you that on the day you did the testing they found no signs of irregular heart beats. It does not mean cardio clear as some breeders try to indicate to fool the general unsuspecting public. I personally know of dogs who passed the test with flying colors and dropped dead of cardio 2 to 5 months later.

    6. CERF - a test for PRA which is a degenerative eye disorder that can lead to blindness. Again this test only shows that at the time the dog was tested there were not visible signs. This does not mean that the dog can't contract it later in life.

    7. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are two different problems both related to the function of the Thyroid. Hypo means low thyroid and Hyper means over active. It is estimated that 70% of all Dobermans are affected with this problem. It usually does not show up until after 4 or 5 years of age so is hard to screen for as is any disease that does not have a DNA marker.

    8. What is CAH - chronic active Hepatitis - a disease of the liver and can lead to early death due to the dogs inability to properly store copper.

    9. Hip Dysplasia -Is due to improper growth of the hip joints. It can be caused by a number of things - genetics, too rapid growth, or excerising too much at too early an age. Indications would be having problems rising, walking up stairs, restrictive movement in the rear end. Also feeding a puppy food designed to promote rapid growth can contribute to hip dysplasia.

    10. Wobblers (CVI)-In simple terms it is a narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spine cord. This can lead to loss of stability in the rear end and is progressive.

    11. Bloat - (GASTRIC DILATATION-VOLVULUS )Very painful and often fatla torsion of the intestines.

    12. COLOR DILUTION ALOPECIA (CDA)Is a condition found in Blues and Fawns that leads to dry, brittle, patchy loss of hair. As a young dog it can have normal coat for these colors but as they mature the CDA appers and becomes for prevelant. Dilute who are bred to each other ten to produce a much high incidence of CDA.

    13. Is AKC registration that important? AKC registration is the standard. It is not infallable but it is the gold standard for registration in America. Please do not accept a puppy of any kind without at least AKC registration. They will have a record of previous dogs in the pedigree. You can then trace back and see what if any problems are in your line. It is an invaluable tool to reputable breeders.

    14. Facts on White Dobermans - They are bannded by their own parent club DPCA that should tell you something. They are banned by AKC from showing and the breeders lie about their champion pedigree and titles. NO White Doberman has an AKC CH title. Dkon't be fooled by those promoting this sad condition.

    15. What about designer dogs? Designer dogs are unregistered Heinz 57 variety, the only difference being some one actually intentionally bred two pure bred dogs of different breeds together to produce an unregisterd litter. Not real smart IMO. They come with their own special set of problems and do not perform necessarily to either set of standards for the parents. What a catchy phrase and very clever advertsing gimmick to call them Designer Dogs - INSANITY. Don't be naive and gullible!

    16. Are Euro dogs healthier and better? Ha! All Dobermans originally came from the same gene pool - Germany. They are facing the exact same problems listed above that Americans are faced with. Beware the breeder who shouts about how much healthier the Euro Dobe is than the American. The Euro's have done a better job of preserving the protective temperament than the American dogs but the average household is not equipped with the knowledge to live easily with one of these higher drive dogs. Be sure you are willing to do the training and the homework to live with a Euro bred dog. There are American lines that have still maintained these drives but IMO are easier to live with on average.

    17. Are Min Pins minature Dobermans? - Min Pins were a breed 300 years before the first Doberman and are a terrior breed. Dobermans are a working breed.

    Below are excellent links to diseases found in Dobermans