Hey Susan, I was changing LaKeeta's ears and she had to go out, so I grabbed the camera and thought you might like to see her. I think she's still got one of the pretties faces I've ever seen, everyone comments on her where ever we go about how pretty of a face she's got. The other picture is of her guarding the fish. ha

Coal is doing good too, we had to separate them cause he wouldn't stop licking her ears so they both lil pouty. My best friend is always trying to get him to go home with her it's so funny, he loves her to death till she says Coal come go home with me, he gets up comes sits at my feet like no way I'm leaving my mama. He's my lover boy he loves hugs and to touch ya. well didn't mean to write a book, but we talking about my favorite subject, my babies. He is turning into a very big boy, (and we love it). He is 29 in. and around 90 lbs now. I don't think he's going any higher just time to fill out in his chest and he'll do that over the next year. I went to a dog show last weekend down south LA. and there was a puppy there LaKeeta's age and goodness she is lot more filled out and stronger looking than that puppy.

we'll keep in touch, send more pictures as we grow.
UPDATE:Both Coal and Lakeeta are doing great and is a great relief for us Coal never has to be crated now, we just leave his door open all the time and it's his bed. LaKeeta she's still too playful to leave out when we are not here. But it's so good to know Coal can protect our house while we out.

Every vet visit for their check ups and shots the girls in the office just carry on over how beautiful a pair of dogs we have and that "it shows they from a high quaity bloodline". Coal still my lover boy, always got to be in the room with me, touching me if he can, loves to be hugged comes noses your hand till you pet him. LaKeeta is nickname is Grinner causes she really smiles at you, it's the funniest thing, she makes every one smile, we keep her lots of toys and she loves to retrive the tennis ball.

Always Dobie love,
Patti, Todd, Coal & LaKeeta - Lousiana

Hey Suzan, I heard you wanted some news about Dutch, so here you go. He's doing great, and he's basically spoiled rotten. He's still magnificent of course, and attracts lots of attention wherever he goes. Our vet gushes over him everytime we go see him. He weighs around 95 lbs. now, very lean and mean. We go running all the time, usually around the lakes by LSU. The only thing he likes more than that is dinner time. I got married last summer, and we moved to a new house with a little bit bigger yard for him (which now has no grass but that's okay). His favorite toy to play with is this red rubber ball you're supposed to stuff treats into, but he likes to put his bottom jaw into it, then try to see if you can get it from him. His two best friends are a Boxer and Rhodesian Ridgeback that belong to friend of mine. They play together a lot, and we've taken them on 3 or 4 camping trips together, most recently in April.

He's very well behaved (and would be much better if I would take the time). He knows sit, down, stay, shake, drop it, truck (get in the back of the truck), and a few others specific to some situations or games. We really love Dutch and feel lucky to have gotten him from you. He'll be two years old this Sunday! Take care.
Brian - Baton Rouge, LA.

The attached pictures of Bonden were taken on his 5th month birthday. At six months, he looks more or less the same but is 10 pounds heavier. He weights ~70 pounds now and is just gorgeous. Everyone that sees him says he is beautiful. His coat sparkles on Neutro.

We just started formalized training this week. He is a bit excited when he first meets people but quickly settles down. The trainer says he is remarkably well behaved for a young Doberman. He understands to be mild mannered with people in my home but outside he is a bit more energetic. He barks quietly at my neighbors until they come to our fence and then he sticks his head over the fence to be petted. His alert stance is the perfect show stacked stance. We are working on generating this beautiful stance on command.

Once the first 8 weeks of socialization training with other dogs and people is over, I plan to have Eve Sullivan take a look at him. She is a Judge Mentor for AKC and quite an authority on Dobermans. I meet her and a couple other judges through the local Doberman Pinscher Club of American and all have agreed to look over Bonden in September or October. If they think he is ready for conformation competition, off I will go to conformation classes. If they think he needs to fully mature, I will take AKC Obedience Classes and get his CD. Bonden is the brightest dog I have ever worked with. When he choose to learn something, ie I offer him grilled steak or chicken pieces as rewards, he learns a command in about 10 minutes and remembers it completely.

He is completely housebroken and either comes to me and whines or goes to the back door when he wants out. He sleeps on his doggie bed by my bed at night and never makes a sound until 5:30 am.

Update: I finally got around to measuring Bonden's height over his shoulders. He is at least 27 inches, maybe 27 1/4 inches. His rump musculature is really filling out from all his chasing balls and toys. His frontal chest is getting very nice and his front shoulders are obviously powerful. He weighs 83 pounds at 10 months.

At obedience class all is going well. He will sit or down stay with a group of dogs and not get up as the owners walk around the room and make noise. He heels very well and sits and downs as he should most of the time. In January I will start the next level of obedience toward a CD title. I am making sure Bonden enjoys his training and he is still very alert and animated when he realizes he is allowed to be off strict heeling.

Thanks for letting me have a great dog,
Glenn - Indiana

Suzan, Hope everything is going great. I have been so busy with my new baby that I haven't been able to touch base. But I wanted you to know my little girl is growing in to one of the prettiest little dobies I have ever seen. I just love her. Her personality is perfect. We started Puppy Kindergarden on Tuesday. It was overwhelming. You can just see how intelligent she is by the way she was observing everything. She was smart enough to know that things there could hurt her. But she knew that I wouldn't let anything happen to her.

I started her in the Puppy Kindergarden instead of the beginners class because there were full grown dogs (some a little out of control as far as I was concerned) in the beginners class. After speaking to our trainer we may go to Intermit class next. I may be a little over protective. But until she is grown, well so be it. Anyway all the instructors are National winners - Show, Obedients, Agility. So they are all great and they seem to know what they are doing. They really care about animals. They went wild over Shatzi!!! They thought she was beautiful. They wanted to know if I got her from some breeder in Houston.

I'm sorry I don't remember the Houston breeder's name, but apparently they have some good dogs. I told them no, I got her from someone that really loves and has only the best - YOU. They said she could definitly win if I got someone to show her. They also told me that I could never be a person that could show.

They didn't think I had the right personality. I let them know that I wasn't interested in that aspect of having a dog. And I didn't want that type of pressure on Shatzi, I want her and me to have fun. But it is nice to know that others see how great she is. Have you heard from her brothers and sisters? Are they as wonderful as her? I will send you a picture next time. Take care, and God bless you.
9-9-03 Hey, The picture's really turned out good Shatzi a little hard to work with after that 7 hour ride but I was pleased it is something that was really good for her. Portia did fine on the trip she either was in my lap or Linda's all the way home. She cried a bit last night in the crate. We took her out three time in the middle of the night we are trying start her off right. Did you like the pictures we gave you of Shatzie. Shatzi has really got the fire burning in me to get her points and get her a finshed champion. We are for sure wanting to attend the St Louis contest and I called our handler last night about it. I tried to call you on the cell phone earlier today. I think your a credit to the Doberman Breed alot Love and passion for the breed goes into each of your litters. When you have return customers you know you are doing something the right way. Thank again , Larry & Linda -Arkansas

Hello Suzan how are things up there? Everything here is great. Hunter has been to two dog classes and the trainer says, he is going to do great. He is very out going and not afraid of anything or anybody. Old dogs, young puppies even cats he just goes right up to them and introduces himself. My trainer says that most puppies are timid and scared, the first time they come to class. But not Hunter, He let him off the leash to run and play. He stayed right in the area where we were. He is very dominant and some people that come into the store he doesn't like and he stands so firm and barks at them. Like to say, "don't come any closer". I love that about him. If I leave to go outside for a min. he is crying for me at the door. I love that too. He's just so perfect. Alot of people have asked me about the breeder so I have given out you web site address. Just wanted to say hi. Chat with you soon.

As you know my Hunter is the best looking dobie in the world. I was hoping you were going to use a photo of him. I would love to see my son on your web site. I do check your site weekly for any changes. I feel like I have to check and see whats going on at my baby Hunters.............. mamas house. You all are family forever.

I was in bed last night when I thought, anyone who is questioning...... buying a pup from you needs to know...... that a puppy from you is the only way to go. You do have the best there is. Hunter is proof of that. He is only 4 months and weighs in at 45 1/2 lbs and is very smart. He was 9 wks when I got him and was potty trained at 12 wks. He has been going to class twice a week since he was 10 wks. And knows now how to sit, down, stay, heel and come. When he turns 5 months my trainer and I are going to start protective training.

So as I have said before, you are the best breeder I know. And everyone thats knows Hunter wants to know where I got him from. You ought to be proud. Because I am.
Sonya - Key West, Florida

Hi, I mailed some pictures of Apollo last Thursday, please let me know if you get them. He is such a love. He makes up his own games and chases anything that moves. He is so big that you almost forget that he's still a puppy full vim and vigor! He is so gentle with the 18 month old grandbaby. She rubs him(not very gently), climbs on him, pats his face and he just looks at her. I love that he is getting more protective with his bark (nice deep voice). I sure know when someone is around. He also smiles at us when we come home-I hope that I can get a picture of him when he smiles.

We aren't crating him any more and he is doing just great. He is so curious about things-he has to check everything out. I love him lots. Take care.
Barb & Jerry - Michigan

We started talking to Suzan, last October about getting a female Doberman, we drove to Suzan's home which she was very kind to invite us on a busy weekend for her. I know that Suzan is very sincere about her Dobermans and very honest to deal with. We talked with her about our previous two dobies, and the kind of dog we were looking for. I feel she really went out of her way to match us with our little Ruby (She isn't so little any more). It was a very happy experience getting our Dobie and Suzan has been very good in keeping touch and making sure that everything is going ok. Ruby is worth every penny.
Phil & Pam - Pittsburg,Kansas

So, you are in love with Mama Suzan's pups, just like the rest of us pleased owners! I still love to see those baby pix! You will be nothing but thrilled with one of JBarS pups!! Lady will be 2 on July 29th, and we love her more each day. She is the most loving and docile dog! She is elegant and beautiful, but of course, quirky, as dobes are... She does not bark except when called for and does an excellent job of 'guarding" us, with her looks as well as demeanor. She and our Jack Russell get along great, and even tho Lady could overpower the tiny 20 lb JR, she is so polite and playful, she never would!

She would also never open her mouth to any person, much less bite! I can't imagine any doberman more perfect for our lifestyle and family needs. Suzan does a great job cuddling and kissing and getting those pups acclimated to the human touch. Each pup we saw was just beautiful and with a great personality. We could have lived with any one of the 12 Keeta had that time!
Bay & Carolyn - Arkansas

Dear Susan, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we love our new pup. Her name will be Jbars Ursula for Brooke. Brooke is my grandaughter and picked the name Ursula from the Disney character The Little Mermaid. Needless to say they are inseperable. Ursula is already kennel and potty trained. She is extreemly smart and we are working on obebience. She will come, sit and stay.

I just wanted to let you know that her ears came out perfect!!! She is the most beautiful dobie I have ever seen. She is in good health and extreemly smart. She wants to please. All we have to do is show her a couple of times and she will obey like she is a trained pro. Once again thank you . We love her so very much.

Thank you for all the joy that Ursula has brought into our lives.
Jerry L . Powers - Virginia

Hi Suzan!
We wanted to send you an email to let you know how Jake is doing. He is FABULOUS!! We love this puppy as much as our kids! He is 14 weeks old now, and just precious. He just went to the vet a little over a week ago, and he weighs in at 32 lbs. now. It was supposed to be a quick appointment, as he was only getting wormed and vaccinated, but it took almost an hour! Apparently, the vet tech and all the vets just couldn’t stop loving on him!

By the time they brought him out, I was frantic thinking something had gone wrong!! Nope, nothing went wrong, Jake was just charming them like he does everyone else!!! Every person who sees him, and sees how calm he is can’t believe he is just a baby.

I couldn’t have asked for a better companion, he is like warm, soft, Velcro, and I love it. I always have a buddy with me. He loves the car, and goes EVERYwhere with us. He is completely kennel trained, almost perfectly potty trained…he goes to sleep about 10:00 and sleeps til 7:00. He is amazingly gentle with my kids, and looooves to cuddle.

I would say the biggest challenge has been his ears, and now, we have that all figured out too. We use a combination of systems now…we use the posts and glue that you sent us, and Rich adds a wire that you suggested to the top to avoid the taping at the bottom of the ear (Jake was allergic to the adhesive) Now, everything is great. Of course, the wire only works so well because I’m always with him to make sure he doesn’t get caught up on anything. It would probably be dangerous for the puppy if he were ever left alone. But, since we always want him with us, it isn’t a hardship.

We just wanted to thank you again Suzan…you have given us an amazing puppy well worth the money and the wait. Here are 2 pictures I’ve taken recently, right before we re-taped him. Tell me if you think his ears are looking good so far. Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Look at that face!! More pics to come!
Hi Suzan....I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write to you! Sometimes life just seems to blow up, I'm sure you understand this! The past year has been so incredibly chaotic. I won't bore you with all of the details but, I will tell you that Rich is now very stable in his job and I am able to relax a tiny bit. I've been meaning to write you to fill you in on Jake, but every time I start to compose an email, I get interrupted! Anyway, tonight is the night.

Jake is doing FABULOUS! He is gorgeous and my best friend. Honestly, without him this past year, I can't imagine how terrible life would have been! He is always there to listen and offer you a smile. And anybody who's seen a Dobie smile knows that you can't help but be cheered up!

Jake is doing great in training. He has completed levels 1, 2, and 3...and has now moved on to off lead. He's doing fabulous. He has always done well with lead work, but the biggest improvement in him lately is how he will tolerate strangers. That was a little bit of a struggle for us, as Jake is amazingly protective of me and the kids. He was always good about strangers as long as they kept a distance of 15 or 20 feet, but closer than that and he would start to growl, I was always able to stop the growling with a pinch collar, but if the kids were walking him, they couldn't make him stop. So, we enlisted the help of our trainer for some individual training, and he has made drastic improvements. Of course, the kids were the one's who needed the training!!

Anyway, Jake such a great dog...loving and sweet with our family, protective and leery of strangers...exactly what I wanted in a Doberman! I wanted to give you a huge Thank you for having such an amazing breeding program that produces stable even-tempered dogs! My best friend recently had to put her 3 year old beagle to sleep as she bit 3 of her 4 kids...the last 2 incidents resulting in her kids having to have stitches and plastic surgery! I cannot tell you how amazingly great it feels to know that my 2 kids can pull food out of Jake's mouth, or take a treat away from him or do ANYTHING with him and he will NEVER harm them. Thank you Suzan! I also wanted to let you know that we are starting to think about getting Jake that sister we were planning to get before Richs' job was jeopardized! Let me know your thoughts on this! I'm thinking of a beautiful red girl. I hope you are all well! Love the website...so much new stuff! Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Love, Shelly, Rich, Max, Chloe and of course Jake! California

Hi Suzan! Just a quick update on Flame's gorgeous girl! She is becoming quite the watchdog for us here and warns anyone she doesn't know who gets too close! We are really working on obedience training-- she is nearly completely housebroken (no accidents at all in the last 4 days) & responds to "let's go", sit, stay, and is starting to catch onto "relax"(the command we've chosen to let her know a visitor is ok, stop growling and barking). She is a true sweetheart with everyone in the family and we are totally in love with her!

She's doing really well here and keeps our house lively and fun! It's a joy to have her! Talk to you later,
Julie - New York

Suzan, Here are some pics of our precious little Kaiser! He is such a goofy little boy that it is amazing how protective he is when other people are around. He just loves company and knows that when people come over, he gets a cookie, but everytime people come over he has to be "formally" introduced before he lets them in.

Kaiser is doing just great! He graduated from puppy obedience last Tuesday and I am currently looking for an agility class for him to start. Kasier is our little genius. I am still amazed when he learns a trick within 10 minutes. His newest ones are waving "bye-bye", fetching his ball, and dropping whatever is in his mouth on command.

We get attention wherever we go....and Kaiser loves every minute of it. Kaiser has learned that pig ears are very yummy.
Jana & Will -

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