J Bar S Dobermans

Located in the rolling hills of Missouri

2010 Labor Day Doberman FEST -

2010 Reunion
Our 2010 Dober Reunion - held in Warrensburg, MO We had over 30 people in attendance with 18 Dobermans
Bentley Luigi
Bentley and Luigi Shrock Brothers
Bentley and Luigi - THE BROTHERS!!! What fun those two boys had together Sanda and Eika a Gunner - Gabby Daughter
Gunner with his Daughters Diva, Cody and Eika Gunner with his duaghters - Diva, Cody and Eika
Jon and Eika a Gunner Daughter Lanie with her grandmother
Max - Bella's big bro Running
We are tired!! Brother and sister Rayne and Redman
Born to RUN 2010 Tail Gate party in full swing
Terri and Cody a Gunner Duaghter Dogs take a time out
Tobi Tyler Paige
Tyler Paige and Max Bella Max
Charlie Cody Charlie Stephanie
Charlie and Cody Group watching a demo
Don and Sue with boys Eika
Jon and Sandy with Eika Jon and Sandy with Eika
Eric and Georgia Eric and Jon and Sandy
Eric and Redman Eric and Redman
Georgia and Bella Georgia with Bella and Max
Georgia Georgia with Bella Max
Georgia Georgia
Georgia Gunner
Georgia with group Group shot
Kim and Tyler Paige (a sister to Ayla) Kim and Tyler
Max Amx and Bella Running
Phil and Stephanie with Charlie Stephanie and Terri
Jon and Eika sit Terri and her Mom
Terri and Mom Tux, Zeke, Tove and Charlie - the 2008 Eika litter
The Boppsey Twins - Rayna and Redman BJShrock litter Rayna and Redman
The Eika Tyson pups Bella with her bling cool coat
Bella modeling her cool coat Bella and Max