Gather supplies needed - 2 tapes one paper one water proof, scissors, alcohol, paper towels or backer rod foam (I prefer the backer rod foam and cotton pads, Clean puppies ears with alcohol. fold paper towel in half and half again then roll it tight - for the baker rod foam I cut a long strip of the Kendall waterproof tape and completly cover the foam rod or the paper towel to make it stiffer. Post should be about 1" 1/2 longer than the ear.
Back Tape with Kendall water proof tape (its real sticky so holds great you just don't want it to touch hair sideof the ear. I wrap it tight around the bottom of the post so it will fit inside the ear then twist it and wrap up with the sticky side out. The end that is not sticky where you attached it to the post goes down inside the ear and must be placed as far down as you can get it while pulling up and stretching the ear.
Wrap the tape one time about 1" up from the bottom Twist tape and flip over and wrap sticky side out up the post
Prepare both post and set aside Prepare extra stips of tape to make it easy to grab and tape.
Place first post in ear making sure it is well down inside the ear then pull up tight on the ear and stick it to the stickey side of the post. Always start the wrap on the outside of the ear and wrap to the front side of the ear towards the other ear and back down and around. There is a fold on the inside front of the ear and that fold must be wrapped back in the position it is on the ear. Secure with 1" paper tape wrap around bottom of ear but not tight. I just lay the paper tape around the bottom enough tape to go around a couple to 3 times. This will protect the hair side of the ear from the real sticky waterproof tape. If you cut off circulation to the ear you have a BIG problem.
Do the second ear Then place a 5" paper tape starting at the bottom of the ear and up and over the tip of the post and down the other side. This will help keep you from wraping the tip too tight. Then I take a small piece of paper tape and tape around the tip WITH NO PRESSURE. Do not wrap tight.
Once both ears are secure I do a figure 8 with paper tape across the top of the head to set the ears in the correct positon which is slightly tipped out like 10 and 2 on the hands of a clock. The figure 8
When I tape I hold the puppy between my legs and wrap one leg around the puppy as I tape by myself. If you need someone to hold the puppy that is fine. You are done!
To take the tape out of the ear I first cut the figure 8 loose from the ears. Next is the actual ear tape and this is sensitive so you want to make it easy. Start with the scissors and insert at the bottom of the ear on the fur side. I go right up the middle at the tip first then cut the bottom wrap. You want to be careful not to poke the ear or stab it so slide the scissors up gently and start cutting.
Now spread or open up the tape pulling it back to the sides. Take the tip of the ear and be sure it is free - not stuck to the tape or caught in the tape and just pull quickly on the post to free it.
Do the other ear the same way. Clean the ears with the alcohol swab and let the puppy run and play while you get the next set of posts ready for the retaping. This allows the ears to dry out completely.
Remember the Patience - Call me if you have any problems or concerns.